Status Competition
Client Municipality of Grandola
Program Library
Area 3.610 m2
Location Grandola, Portugal



X. Y.

The new library is a stage for the community meeting. The interior volume is defined by two stacked concrete tubes that in turn form the base tectonics of the building. Inside the upper tube is space for individual concentration, controlled acoustics, with framed windows directed to the outside. The terraces adjacent, on top of the lower tube, provide more open free space looking over the double height of the whole library and receiving light from the interior courtyards and overhead skylights.
Despite the modest size of the building the simple composition of volumes, cantilever and balance, creates the atmosphere of a public building, the scale of the circulation and free volume recalling the grandeur of the traditional libraries of old. The fluid nature of the space articulates the evolution of the library: the ability to access information on the move.

In collaboration with FOR-A and Panoptikon