Status Installation
Client ReMap KM Iasson Tsakonas
Program Biannual Art Exhibition
Location Athens, Greece



X. Y.

The truck installation accommodated an itinerant art project that originated in Melbourne and came to Athens for the 3rd Remap a bi-annual art show in Athens.

Stripped from its original frame, the truck was coupled with a secondary structure that supported an
panel that can open to reveal the interior and create an exterior exhibition space. For 2 weeks, the hybrid truck housed 3 installations and 2 sound performances.

Curators Melody Ellis, Nella Themelios Artists Kay Abude, Ros Bandt, Michael Fowler, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Dylan Martorell Photographer Yannis Drakoulidis Special Thanks Marios Diamantis, Uli Gamper, Alexandros Gerousis, Miranda Iossifidis, Aleksandra Kiszkielis, Jorge Rodrigues

In collaboration with Joao Prates Ruivo and Vassilis Oikonomopoulos