Status Europan 11, Competition
Client Europan
Program Public Square, Housing
Office, Hotel, Parking
Area 47.000 m2
Location Dubrovnik, Croatia



X. Y.
By absorbing necessary city technical support on the site will liberate the remaining territory for green space. Taking advantage of the topography, it is possible for the site to also be a public space where the programmatic needs are met at different levels, concealed under the new square. This new intervention allows for uninterrupted viewing and appreciation of the old city whilst servicing its needs.
Motor and pedestrian traffic are layered to separate the different functions. The main pedestrian level connects with the city gate, and in addition to being a public square is a stage for summer performances surrounded by an amphitheatre. This surface covers the infrastructural underworld below. The fluid communication between both levels of public space is achieved through interventions on the upper surface that bring down light and allow for circulation.

In collaboration with FOR-A