Status Competition
Client City of Vevey
Program School
Area 12500 m2
Location Vevey, Switzerland



X. Y.

The project sets out to enjoin two major city axes: Veveyse, connecting the whole site to the center of Vevey, and a new transverse linkage between the two banks of the river across the site. These become the backbone for the project.
The simplicity of the volumes plays with the complexity of the program. Two large boxes on the ground level host the public functions with access of the newly created main axes, with the more sober activities of the classroom elevated above, running parallel to the river.
The configuration of the program volumes organizes the hierarchy outdoor spaces. The promenade along the Veveyse acts as a forecourt and outdoor space for the school with more informal recereation spaces on the other side. The space between the two public volumes acts as a threshold and provides a generous open yet covered environment.

In collaboration with Barrault & Pressacco and Robota