Award 1st prize, Europan 10
Status Ongoing Commission
Client Municipality of Trondheim
Program Housing, Community Space
Area 22 Apartments, 2.817 m2
Location Trondheim, Norway
X. Y.

The building volume and program is optimised in response to the restrictions of the long, narrow site. Filling the site solid with development, the residences gravitate to the edge in search of light and the public uses consolidate at the centre.  This public core is realised as a void.  This void space is a generous public courtyard, accessed from the ramp that traverses the site. Community uses are positioned at the centre of the site, transgressing the typical mixed-use building model — cultural and commercial uses on the ground floor with housing above. The interior facade is permeable allowing direct relationship between the public uses and the residences. The exterior facade’s strict, sober expression responds to the surroundings of Svartlamon.
This scheme was recently identified as a ‘pilot project’ as part of the Norwegian government’s "Cities of the Future" program – currently one of only 6 in Norway and the second in Trondheim. The project is to be an exemplar of environmentally sustainable design strategies.

In collaboration with Alexandros Gerousis and Point Supreme Architects