Plateia Theatrou
Award Honourable Mention
Status Competition
Client City of Athens
Program Public Space
Area 3.900 m2
Location Athens, Greece



X. Y.

Plateia Theatrou is dedicated to the magic of nature — an urban room realised as a secret garden. The existing square is a compact rectangle surrounded by tall buildings. The proportions of the space evoke the tradition of a walled garden. A grid of palm trees creates a place of light and shadow while permeable paving allows for grasses and fragrant herbs to grow across the ground. The three entrances of the garden are defined by new metal gates to heighten the sense of enclosure.
The surrounding office buildings are converted into contemporary housing with new balconies facing the garden. The streets are pedestrianised, cleared of obstacles and reoccupied with a series of playgrounds that service local families and activate the public space.

In collaboration with Point Supreme Architects