Status Design Study
Client Thita Group
Program City Plan
Area 360 ha2 GFA 800.000 m2
population 12.000
Location Kurdistan, Iraq



X. Y.

Iraqi Kurdistan is region of rapid change and development. With a desperate need for cities, housing, infrastructure and technology to support the population, the government is proactively trying to secure a solid future for its people. Unan City is a design study for a model city to be implemented throughout the region. In the absence of context, flexibility is an indispensable quality. Through phased implementation the qualities of the plan will be active from the very start, and strengthened with time.
The city module is divided into a series of strips, each articulated by a main circulation path. The buildings are distributed along the strips, with varying densities to imbue different urban qualities. Between each strip is open park and recreation space. The strips form a collection of skylines which alternate with the open space offering a dense sustainable urban condition with the continuous experience of nature.

In collaboration with FOR-A, Alexandros Gerousis and Matina Theodoropoulou