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Budapest A museum in the park, established to secure the future by capturing the past, a museum to the rich tradition of Hungarian music as part of a cultural strategy for Budapest.

Supreme Achievement Superstudio published their twelve Ideal Cities, “the supreme achievement of twenty thousand years of civilization, blood, sweat and tears”, 44 years later twelve groups of architects give their own answer to the original brief.

Jyvyskala Set in Lundsten’s prodigious urban vision for Kortepohja, a rebel project built as a declaration of international modernism, the project seeks to increase density whilst preserving the original clarity of the plan.

Reinosa A community hall at the heart of a small anonymous mountain village: a contentless space with no tangible program or occupation. The challenge is to spatially engender interaction and manifest the idea of the meeting place.

Ås A new centre for a community on the precipice of change: proximity to Oslo and expanding position as a University town propel it towards taking a far more significant role in the territory than its current village status.

Ellebo The existing housing estate is a built manifesto of the modern ideal — collective blocks with shared facilities assembled around a large communal space. The refurbishment ahead is proof that flexibility is still its strongest quality.

Vevey The site of a future school enjoys an exceptional situation: at the head of a valley, surrounded by mountains and vegetation, along the Veveyse river as it meets the village – these elements become the strength of the project.

Montargil Twin summerhouses share a hillside overlooking a village in Portugal — somehow the same and yet somehow different. Each with their own inflection of an identical brief, the pair are tenuously dependent on one another.

Grandola The ominous death of the paper book was announced by the arrival of the audio-book swiftly followed by video, the computer and most recently the tablet. Through all of this, the library has not only survived but the basic spatial premise remains unchanged — manipulation light for the irreplaceable pleasure of reading.

Nicosia/Lefkosia A city divided in two parts, each missing their phantom half. Close to, but just outside the historical city, at the intersection of the two main axis, is envisaged a new centre founding a new city out of the monuments of the old.

Holma Malmo The classic opposition between slab and foreground, apartment blocks float over borderless space with amorphous collective territory in-between. The failure of this model (no-man’s land) has triggered two conflicting ideologies — nostalgia for the old city and a desire for the iconic.

Dubrovnik Nominated a World Heritage Site in 1979, the task of identification, protection and conservation has led to a divided city — inside and outside. Non-compliant functions are dispatched beyond the wall. Pressure from inside, the old city, has subjugated the outside to an alternative urbanity.

ReMap A bi-annual art fair in a notoriously troubled neighbourhood scheduled for regeneration, Metaxourgeio/Athens, hosted a truck installation that was coupled with an operable skeleton to transform interior space into an exterior billboard.

Cordoba A city characterized by the critical density of its historical centre. A series of narrow streets bounded by buildings that conceal courtyards inside and in-between, a place of mysterious corners and communal spaces full of life.

Kurdistan A fictitious city for a fictitious country. How do you design a city for a dispossessed people on the path to self-determination? This underexplored, underexploited territory is an unfolding spectacle of inevitable progress.

Serlachius The problematic and increasingly indiscriminate nature of preservation dictates that the extension of a manor house, to expand a museum, should be discreet and neither interfere with the original artifact nor desecrate the landscape.

Athens City centre population of 800,000 in 39,000sqm, it is the densest and 4th largest European centre struggling with the lowest open space quota per capita, some suburbs are rumoured to be the most crowded in the world.

Plateia Theatrou In a condemned corner of Athens, a dilapidated square, an enclosed garden is created. An intimate landscape ensemble of nature confined within walls, protected from intrusion and the dizzying conditions of the city.

Svartlamon "A gathering of houses in a little place called Lademoen north east of the center of Trondheim". Squatted by those fighting for an alternative way of life, it was site of political struggle and civil unrest for many years, until governance was granted to the people in 2001.

Renovation Rather than the creation of new space this process is about the transformation of an existing space, condition or environment, to create a new situation: a considered balance between modified and sustained.